About Us


Junkee Clothing Exchange is the brain child of Jessica Schneider.  Jessica has always been a fan of recycled and vintage clothing stores, such as Wasteland and Buffalo Exchange.  Even though she had shopped at these types of stores for years, she wanted to take the recycled clothing industry to the next level.  In the spring of 2007 she started developing a business plan and model to accomplish exactly what she had been visualizing.  She wanted to bring a hip, fresh look to the recycled clothing industry.  By utilizing her interior design background, she designed the store to be visually stimulating with over the top store displays, rack top displays with an easy shopping layout of clothing racks. She also took the “Be Green” aspect to the next level by incorporating a separate 3,000 sq ft antique section inside the 8,800 sq ft location. To round it all off she looked back to her days as a CD store owner and put together amazing play lists of music for the store, which please all generations of people.  Junkee Clothing Exchange is definitely what Jessica had visualized and hoped for.


Junkee Clothing Exchange opened their doors in June of 2008. The store offers all sorts of recycled clothing, accessories, shoes, costumes, jewelry, and some random new items as well. The antique side of the store offers pretty much everything from dust collectors (knick-knacks) to retro furniture.  When shopping at Junkee Clothing Exchange you can change your wardrobe and re-decorate your living space.  It truly is a unique shopping experience. With the success of the Reno location Jessica and husband Troy are looking to expand Junkee Clothing Exchange into other areas of the west coast in the next few years.  Keep your eye’s peeled for a Junkee Clothing Exchange Inc., opening in an area near you!




If you’re interested in being in business for yourself, we can help.  We know how intimidating taking the first steps can be.  Opening a Junkee franchise will eliminate all your questions and concerns.  We will teach you everything that you’ll need to know to hit the ground running.  This is very exciting and fun industry, not to mention it’s profitable.

You will learn how to set up all of your basic business requirements, such as tax accounts, incorporation, business licensing, insurance, etc. We will also take you through all of the accounting requirements of the business; payroll, reports, filing systems, etc.  Learn how to hire and manage a quality staff.  We’ll teach you how to reduce costly employee turnover, by having quality staff meetings, keeping high moral, train “junk” experts, etc. You’ll also learn about purchasing the right inventory for the store, by becoming a recycling and vintage expert. You will learn about vintage, costumes, accessories, everyday wear, etc.  We will help you create an effective marketing plan that gets maximum results, as you know advertising is one of the most vital parts of any business and we have a proven track record.  Learn how to merchandise your store so that is stimulating, relaxing, and a shopable environment all at the same time, by choosing the right paint colors, displays, overall store layout, and the right music.  These are just some of the basics that come with a Junkee franchise, but don’t be overwhelmed we will be there to hold your hand and get you off to a running start and always be there to support and help.

There are so many aspects to consider with a “junk” business and we have done it the right way, with kindness and keeping our prices affordable. Let us teach you the Junkee way.

Give us a call today, we would love to answer any and all your questions.